Mixtape Vol. 1 ~ Starving Artist's Guide
Starving Artist's Guide: Mixtape Vol. 1

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mixtape Vol. 1

Okay so this is a compilation of music I've featured on the podcast by awesome NYC(and beyond!) bands. It's available through Itunes and the artists receive 100% of the profit. So if you're a fan of the podcast, definitely buy the album. These are the songs that caught my attention after scouring hundreds, if not thousands of songs to bring the best of the best to the show. And try as you might, these songs are most definitely not on any of the file sharing networks. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC BY BUYING THIS MIXTAPE!


  1. I was hoping for Matt Barber's "settle my accounts" and the Witches' "little tiger" songs! and also one from Josh Weinstein.

  2. oops! didn't see the 2nd page! there is one by josh weinstein!


Starving Artist's Guide Mixtape Vol. 1!!!

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