Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Podcast Online for Free...

watch and learn

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Starving Artist Podcast Ep. 4

Download the fourth Podcast here.
In this episode, I talk about censorship, comedy, and interview Matt Chipman about doing comedy in New York City. Enjoy!

Back in the Matrix

So today marks the first day I've had internet in approximately 3 weeks. If you want to know the effect this has on a child of the digital age, first, buy a monkey. Then teach it how to use a stick to get termites out of their mound. Then burn the forest so there are no more sticks. Then destroy the mound. See how your monkey then feels. But I digress. In honor of the occasion of now having Road Runner(So sweet!), I'm going to upload the 4th podcast tonight so you can listen to it on your way into work tomorrow. Your Welcome. Oh and for those who think words can be weapons, be sure to not listen to it as some extremely "offensive" language is brought up because the topic is censorship.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moneyy, it's a crime.

So the next podcast I'm going to be doing is gonna be devoted to the topic of MONEYYYY. Everyone needs it, but not everyone has it. Yesterday I was talking about the value of a dollar, so I wanna do a list of everything you can get for One single U.S. Dollar. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Oh and thanks to the singers, rappers, artists that checked out my post on craigslist to be showcased on my podcast! There was a very large response and I'm working on getting through and taking a listen to everyone. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the box to the right if you wanna take a listen to see if you're included in a future episode. Also, thanks to my friend Chris, who told me he would love it if I added an episode index for future shows, which I will be doing from now on. Keep your suggestions coming! Oh and here's a link that my roommate gave me for the $1 essay--it's about a couple that lived on $1 in food a day for an entire month. Check it out here

Monday, February 23, 2009

Starving Artist Podcast Special Edition (Johnny @ Piano's 2.21.09)

So over the weekend I got to stretch out my performance skills and played a show at Pianos in LES of Manhattan. Fun was had by all and it was a packed show cause it was on Saturday night. I'm gonna post a link of it below. ENJOY! Setlist--1.Nine to Five 2. Mirror 3. Gutterchild 4. Subway Prophets 5. Festivus! 6. Blizzard of '93 7. Van Gogh's Dream 8. Heaven (Talking Heads Cover)

Johnny Play's Pianos 2.21.09

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back 2 the !@$$@#$ Library

So the internet dude didnt show up, once again. Alas. He won't be coming until next wednesday. Frankly i'm getting tired of going to the library every time i wanna check out my email. I put up my 3rd podcast yesterday so hopefully people have had the time to check it out. I swear once I get my internet back they will come on time at regular weekly intervals. that goes for the tip of the week, which i will try to change now. I recorded Episode 5 yesterday on the Music Industry and today I picked up some reference material for a future podcast on starving film directors. I wanna make a plea to all the starving artists out there that want to showcase their music on my show to email me at
With that said, enjoy the third podcast! Oh and if you wanna see me and Sean K. @ Pianos, we're gonna be playing there tommarow night @ 8pm!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Publishing Your Podcast on the Internet For Free

The process of getting a podcast should be very simple, but there is not a lot of help as there should be, and many times it is misdirecting. This will be a videocast as soon as I get around to it to show exactly what I'm saying. But for now, just follow these simple instructions.
Step 1: First, you need to record something in MP3 format either on your computer or on a secondary device like a digital 8track. This is the only "cost" for the entire setup of your podcast.
Step 2. Upload podcast to our media or the Internet Archive. I would recommend Our Media because it gives you an embeddable player when you're done. There is a intuitive program (Free!) called spin xpress that you should download to upload to Our Media.
Step 3. Create a Blog that you can post links to your podcast. You can do this from, which is what I use, or I tried using Wordpress but it is kind of difficult to use if you don't know much about HTML coding. I recommend using Blogger.
Step 4. Now you need to create a "Feed." so that people can subscribe to your podcast. This I found somewhat difficult to understand, but you can figure it out by creating a FeedBurner account at This is also a free service.
Step 5. Now you need to create a link to your Ourmedia uploaded file on a post.
Step 6. On Feedburner, type in the link to your blog in "Burn Feed." It should recognize that you have posted a link to your new downloadable file.
Step 7. On Feedburner, Optimize your download for Itunes download.
Step 8. Open the Itunes Store and paste in Feed URL in "submit to Itunes Directory"
Step 9. On Feedburner, click link to "Chicklet Chooser" so that you can post a subscribe link on your blog for people to automatically download your most recent Podcast.
Step 10. Now that the feed is set up, all you need to do to get the next podcast available to your audience is to post a link to your next OurMedia file when you upload it. Viva La Revolution!
Believe it or not, this is the easiest and cheapest way to publish your Podcast. Though I have to use some internet jargon, it is somewhat easy to follow. It is DIY, and even with these simple directions, it might take a little while for the average internet user to put up a podcast. Though it proved a challenging task, I am glad I did it and I am hoping that you will give it a shot!

Johnny --1, InterWeb-- 0

after a long, strenuous battle, I believe I finally have managed to set up my blog to be downloaded on Itunes. Altogether, the cost was free, but the battle was monumental. I worked at it for hours upon hours, and finally got it to go through to Itunes successfully. It's not that the task is extremely difficult; nay. The problem lies in the fact that you need to do a very specific method in order to be successful. I will boil down this process in simple, DIY terms in a special Video-Podcast which I will post on this website for everyone to enjoy. I will discuss and go in detail about how to make your own blog, record your podcast and put it up for distribution. As far as this week's podcast, it will be available on Tuesday this week because I forgot to bring my memory card home for the weekend. The videocast will go up shortly after that, as I will need my internet to be working to upload it. Thanks for everyone's patience, I will be writing and posting a basic DIY podcast post sometime later today.

Starving Artist's Podcast Ep. 2

Starving Artists Podcast Episode 2 Sean Kenealy answers the hard hitting questions that only Johnny Sanford knows how to deliver! Find out the strange but true stories of Bensonhurst Brooklyn and that fateful summer when Sean and Johnny moved down to the Big Apple!

Starving Artist's Podcast Ep. 1

Starving Artist's Podcast Episode 1 My maiden voyage, the first transmission of the Starving Artist's Podcast!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Day another Dollar..

So I've added a 'donate' button to the side scroll of this website. This is because I've been spending a lot of time and effort in putting this up for people, whoever that might be. It's not required but it would be really awesome to be paid to do what I love to do. All money donated will quickly go directly into my "40's for Artists Program." Just kidding. It'll go towards rent, probably. I've been thinking about the direction I want this to continue in, and I think that my major goal is to start up S.A.G Workshops that are taught to new transplants by comedians, artists, musicians in New York City. I think this is a fairly modest goal and should I recieve funding I would head in this direction. Classes would be small (5-10) and it would provide a net to fall into when getting to the city. If anyone has any other ideas, send them to

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writing Posts at Lightning speed

Again I'm at the library, what a great place. It comes with its negative side however, seeing as I got here on a wednesday at 1030am and every G__D___ computer is taken except for the "express" computer which you can only get on for a grand total of 15 minutes. However, anything is better than nothing and so I can't complain too much. Usually a computer will open up. I was hoping to upload the second podcast but i may have to wait on it...from what i hear the public is quite eager to hear our mystery guest...the interview went great and i think every one will benefit.
On a side note, if you move to NYC and wanna get online, spring for DSL from Time Warner--Verizon sucks and I was on hold in India for about an hour 3 days in a row, only to get nothing accomplished. I called up TWC and they answered right away and it will be only $15 a month for an entire year for the basic package. Then again, check your WIFI for people you can piggyback off of for free to save some money. I think that might be illegal so i go the traditional route. Only problem is they're taking forever to actually get back to me about hooking it up. Live and learn i suppose.
and have fun too. a computer just opened up!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Web Trouble and a Quick Post on the Library.

So a couple of things--my interweb has been down for the last couple days so I've been forced to use the libary to check my email and finish up an application to do a Teaching Fellowship. This prompted me to write a post on how great the library is for starving artists. Instead of buying books, why not just borrow them? it seems like common sense but most people don't abide it.
Other news--the tips and tricks I employ on this website actually work! I've gotten a proposal from an A&R guy that works with Christina Aguilara(wierd, right?) who likes my jams and wants to shop my stuff around to major record labels! I'm going to eventually do a post so that musicians have a general knowledge base as to what to do when approached such as this...I really don't exactly know what to do just yet. One of the downsides of using the internet at the library is that you are limited to a half hour on the computer. So I have 8 minutes left, but I have to do other things as well. So good luck, fellow starving artists, and make every day count!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creating Your Own Podcast.

This is a fairly easy thing to do, except I had terrible trouble trying to "publish" it to the web. Most people will probably have more problems with the recording process if they don't have the software, but I can help with that. Altogether it cost $0 for me (but I already have a good mic, stand, and USB phantom power machine thingy.) The microphone will probably be your most expensive investment, but it also allows you to open yourself up to a much wider platform to get your ideas out from under the bed to out in the real world. So head on down to radioshack and buy yourself a decent mic. About 20-30 dollars is the cost of one of the first mics I had from there.
So, after you purchase your microphone or get one that was in storage above the garage, now its time to get it hooked up to the computer. If it has a 1/8 inch jack, you can plug it directly into your computer. If it's a 1/4 inch jack, you need to put your coat back on and get back to radioshack to buy a pack of adapter. These come in really handy and they're probably only about $5-10. It looks like this But definetly go talk to the dude at Radioshack, he can get you set up, especially if you got an XLR jack, in which you need XLR to 1/8. This is getting technical and it shouldn't be. Just use common sense. It needs to attach to the computer.
When you're this far, there's no turning back. Now you just need some simple audio editing software like Mixcraft 4. I've heard rumors that you can get these on Torrents on this "interweb" thing we have, but I don't even know what a torrent is so I wouldn't know...
You can also get simple audio programs from, many of which have free trials that can last up to a month. Here's an example Test different programs and see which one is right for you. I added some music just to mix things up (no pun intended) but you don't have to. Save your completed file as an mp3 encoded at 64kpbs. This gives you a compressed file that sounds like its on FM radio
The next thing is to publish the podcast, which you can do at If it is a file larger than 10mb, you will need to upload it either directly to or download spin express. I chose the later, and it is available on the Ourmedia page for Uploads.
Then you have to wait while it uploads and you can then take the URL and place it in a box like the one directly above this post, or you can just send the link to friends. Voila! You've just created your own Podcast!

Oh the most important part--you need to have something to say. Do you?

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Starving Artist's Guide Podcast

In an effort to bring this information to as many people as humanly possible, I am starting a weekly podcast that will be available free of charge through this blog. I know that a lot of people are busy during the day so getting the podcast would be an easy way to get the information here on their ipod or whatever device when heading to work. The format will be relaxed but informational. I will go over anything new I have to share, I will also bring in guests from time to time and play some awesome awesome music in the process. I will list off of relevant art/music related shows that are coming up within the week/month. The show will be roughly an hour in length and will be recorded every Sunday and available every Monday. I've already recorded my first one, and right now I'm working on how to publish the podcast to the internet. I will break it down in layman's terms this week (provided I'm successful) for any starving artist who wants to do their own podcast! Viva La Revolution!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making Your Own CDs

The compact disc is, and probably will remain forevermore, the definitive hard-copy media that will get entertainment out across the globe. They're easy, cheap, and anyone with a decent cd printer can make a professional looking disc in minutes. The printer that I use to print cds is an epson stylus photo R320 as seen on this website, and it works just fine. If you are on a serious budget but want to make great looking cds, I suggest you either save up for one of these cd printing printers or ask for it as a birthday present. You can get a used one on for about $100. If you can't even afford that but still want to make decent looking cds, there are other options that i will discuss below. Once you get your cd printer, you need a reliable program that will allow you to print on your cds. Since I got my printer second hand, I don't know if it comes with printing software, but lets assume it doesn't. After trying many many different programs, I found that the easiest software to use is called Sure Thing 5, which can be downloaded here. Don't forget to go to Staples and buy some inkjet writable cds. I bought a pack of 30 of them the other day for $10. If you can buy in bulk, you will save money. You can also buySilver-bottomed CD-Rs online for about $30 if you are embarrassed to give out ones that have that puke-green tinted bottom. I like the convenience of just walking to Staples, myself.
If you are just sending out demos, keep the designing relatively simple--the program is easy to adjust and you will figure out how to make beautiful cds in about an hour. One of the most annoying parts of the Epson 320 is that it is EXTREMELY expensive to buy ink for--about $75 altogether! But, as your Starving Artist Guide, I've naturally found a way around that problem. It occurred to me one day to go on ebay to check for cheaper ink, and for about 10 dollars (plus ten for shipping since their operation was based in Canada) I found some knockoff Epson ink that worked beautifully. I didn't have any hassle with the cartridges either. So ink for $20 is good, but I found an EVEN CHEAPER way to fill up my cartridge tanks. After printing so many cds a day, I found myself needing ink again within a month, so I went to Staples and bought myself an Ink Replacement kit. This, little did I know, was the biggest nightmare to do EVER! But eventually is worth it (I think). I brought the kits home for $35 dollars (1 for Black Ink, 1 for the Color Inks) and was happy to see it's promise to fill my cartridges a whopping SIX times! I took out the ink cartridges and had to drill tiny holes in the tops of them, take a syringe (supplied by the kit) and push in about 20mL of ink in each cartridge. Easy enough. I did manage to spill some and Cyan Blue got all over my hands at one point. After filling them all and plugging them with tiny little plugs, I though I was set--I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.
Epson does not want anyone to get a bite out of their profit, and have safeguarded their expensive ink by making it very much a hassle to refill your own. When your ink runs out, it tells the computer "I'm done, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." I did a web search and had to buy an $8(plus $5 s/h) machine that tells the printer that it is using a brand new cartridge. It was an annoying hassle that cost me about a weeks time. By that time, the ink had solidified in the printer head and i had to use cleaner (supplied in the Ink Refill Kit, thankfully) and print the test pattern about a gazillion times before it was printing decently again. However, now that it's set up, I just have to refill the cartridges myself and I don't have to deal with Ebay or Epson's overwhelmingly expensive ink again. Keep in mind, however, that refilling your own ink is not for the faint of heart--you will probably get dirty in the process. But that makes life more interesting, right?
And finally, the easiest (albeit least professional looking and most costly) way to print your own cds is to go to Staples or your local papery and buy CD stickers. You print them out even with a little tinkering just on Microsoft Word, and stick them directly on the top of your CD-R. Make sure there are no bubbles in the sticker or else it looks really shoddy. This is probably best suited for limited use, sending out to bars/clubs you want to play at. Another helpful item is to get about 100 or so slimline cases (I've seen them as low as $15 @ staples) or just paper sleeves which are as effective and sometimes cost less.
My final note in this post is that cds, though effective and easy to use, are only a small part of the equation in the 21st century. I've had people all over the world in places like the UK, New Zealand and Australia listen--AND BUY my music. Here's It is pretty cheap and will set up your music digitally with ease and speed. All you need to do is send them a hardcopy of your cd WITH original artwork, set up your price (usually $9.99 for a full cd) and they will do the rest. The cost is $35 for setup and to hold a limited number of your actual cd for sale on their site, and $20 extra for a UPC number. This will allow any retail store to request your cd to put in their store. They then distribute your music to online stores like, and more importantly, Itunes. This makes your music available worldwide! This is something that was never, ever available to independent artists in the history of music until now! And it only costs $35! It's pretty sweet. For every digital song you sell, you get 91% of the income. For every cd you sell, they keep $4. This would be the fairest record contract in the history of record contracts. You keep full rights to your music and can cancel anytime. Best of all, once it is set up, it will be there forever. No more dealing with it. When you reach a dollar amount that you set (mine is $25) they will send you a check in the mail. And it is very awesome to get that check. Very awesome indeed. And when your done making your album, there's only one thing left to do--promote it. Do this by using the Village Voice trick, as listed below. Finally, there's always Discmakers. I've never tried them, they're really expensive but they are definitely professional.
And since I mentioned it in this post, I will link my cd in a shameless, shameless plug below. I did everything I mentioned above in order to get these babies out to the world! And remember if you buy, you're buying them from a true starving artist. And one day the cds themselves will be highly collectible!
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