Back in the Matrix ~ Starving Artist's Guide
Starving Artist's Guide: Back in the Matrix

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in the Matrix

So today marks the first day I've had internet in approximately 3 weeks. If you want to know the effect this has on a child of the digital age, first, buy a monkey. Then teach it how to use a stick to get termites out of their mound. Then burn the forest so there are no more sticks. Then destroy the mound. See how your monkey then feels. But I digress. In honor of the occasion of now having Road Runner(So sweet!), I'm going to upload the 4th podcast tonight so you can listen to it on your way into work tomorrow. Your Welcome. Oh and for those who think words can be weapons, be sure to not listen to it as some extremely "offensive" language is brought up because the topic is censorship.

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