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Monday, April 13, 2009

Asa--The Soul of a Starving Artist

Normally, I don't do reviews. I am a huge fan of just letting the people decide what they think of a new musician/comedian/artist/etc. But sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes you need to push people in the direction of what you think is going to be the birth of a new star. And here I am, about to do that about the new singer-songstress Asa (Prounounced Asha). Her style defies convention. Her voice shakes the walls that you've constructed within your head. Political insight? Sure. Conscientiousness? Yep. All around, feel-good music? That's the one! Once you hear her single "Jailer" once, you'll want to play it again. And then again. Fast forward a week and you still aren't sick of it. And that's just the first song. Get to the second and third and fourth and it's still rockin. On the second track, 360 degrees, her voice rumbles

"So drop the guns and your swords
And let us live all as one
We only need love and understanding
So drop the guns and your swords
And let us live all as one"

And you wonder, "Why the heck aren't the leaders of the world listening to Asa?"
Anyways, for those of you who are ready to move into the fifth dimension--the one that Asa lives in, check out her myspace page here or for those of you who got some allowance this week, buy her album on itunes here.
New Podcast coming this weekend!

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