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Starving Artist's Guide: Incredible PR Advice

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Incredible PR Advice

(This is the face of my PR-guru, Brett. It was my 21st B-day and we were a bit tipsy.)

I sometimes feel like that magician who gives away all the tricks. He's a dick, I know. He takes something magical and turns it into sometime that anyone with $10,000, a fake audience and a tame elephant can do. But telling innocent artists how to get around the system to become a new system has been around a long time. I'm not alone in this effort. This special lady, Ariel Hyatt, has been doing it for years now. Reading the articles linked below is the first step for a band (or any artist for that matter) starting their own PR campaign and getting their first step towards that door to put a damn foot into. She knows what she is doing, Trust me. For $1500 dollars you can put her in charge of your "cyber pr campaign" but what is the fun in that? I say, read these articles and for under a hundred dollars, a can-F'in-do attitude and some elbow grease (keep those elbows lubricated) you can do the same damn thing. The key to all publicity--network. Or find someone to network for you for free(like Brett on his better days.) But check out her articles here. And don't forget to download my newest podcast! its a doozy.

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